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Who We Are

The world’s leading provider of real-time labor market data products and analysis.

What We Do

Build software and APIs to allow employers, educators, and learners to make data-driven decisions about careers.

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We collect and analyze millions of job postings and resumes to deliver actionable labor market information.


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As an economist of innovation, I believe that Burning Glass Technologies provides unique labor market data to create understanding in today’s fast changing technological and economic conditions. Data is the fuel for economic success at all levels. It allows students, regions, employers and educators to take charge of their learning and make better decisions for adapting to the world that is here and emerging. I’m a big fan.

Phil McCready

PhD Assessment Analyst II, University of the Rockies

Tools like Burning Glass help us tell the story. Everybody, at the highest level, comes to us for that data. It’s so baked into our system now that we don’t even question it. We will always have demand now that we can show what it can do.

Alan Spell

MERIC Research Manager, Missouri Department of Economic Development

With real-time, labor-time market data, we can conduct a scan of any occupation. We know who is hiring and what competencies and technical skills they need. We are making sure our program choices and curriculum remain current so that our students are trained and ready for jobs employers need to fill.

Linda L. Head

Associate Vice Chancellor, Lone Star College