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The Top Digital Skills That Boost Marketing Careers

As marketing roles evolve into online-savvy positions focused on customer segmentation and digital outreach, having digital skills are crucial for marketing professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve.
Skills gap, How Big is the Skills Gap?

How Big is the Skills Gap?

Just how big is the skills gap in the American workforce? Our new analysis shows both the size and the cause of the gap depends on the specific occupation.
Skills Perception Gap? One-Third of Students Doubt Their Workplace Skills

Skills Perception Gap? Two-Thirds of Students Doubt Their Workplace Skills

Only 35% of current college students feel confident that the skills they are learning are enough to prepare them for the workplace.
Liberal arts degree

What Can You Do with a Liberal Arts Degree? Plenty, With the Right Skills

Liberal arts majors make less than other college graduates in the job market—but with a few extra skills, they can essentially erase that salary gap.
computer code, demand for coding skills, what is coding for

What is coding for? Everything

If you can do at least some coding, you’re going to be more valuable to a growing number of employers.
Career Insight™: Group of teenagers sitting outdoors using their mobile phones

Career Insight™ Lets Prospective Students Connect Academic Program Choices to Career Goals

Embedded in education sites and powered by Burning Glass Technologies job market data, Career Insight’s personalized recommendation engine matches prospective students with academic programs based on their career goals.

Hybrid Jobs Projected to Grow Twice as Fast as Jobs Overall

“Hybrid jobs” are projected to grow twice as fast as the rest of the job market.

Research Event: Liberal Arts in the Job Market

Burning Glass Technologies and the American Enterprise Institute will hold an event Feb. 2 that shows liberal arts degrees can pay off in the job market, if graduates add the right skill sets.

Singapore Employers Demand Computer Science Skills

In Singapore computer science skills, but not necessarily computer science degrees, are increasingly in demand by employers.

Cybersecurity hiring: Every business is different. In some cases, very different.

Every business needs cybersecurity talent these days, but hiring professionals need to understand cybersecurity hiring isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation: different companies have different needs.

Fewer Job Postings Demanded Background Checks in 2017

Employers are less likely to demand background checks in job postings than in previous years, a trend that may open up more positions to those with criminal records. But the trend is more pronounced in lower-skilled jobs.
Skills gap

Davos Report Examines How to Expand Options for Displaced Workers

More than 1.4 million American workers are at risk of losing their jobs because of technology, but with proper job training, their options for finding comparable or even better jobs can increase fivefold, according to a World Economic Forum report using Burning Glass data and released at Davos.
What is the associates of arts degree worth in the job market?

What’s the Associates of Arts Degree Worth in the Job Market?

What is an associates of arts degree worth in the job market? How much value does the A.A. have, and how can graduates make the most of this credential?

Artificial Intelligence Hiring Expands Beyond Tech Sector

Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) skills is now showing up in industries outside the traditional technology sector.

Productivity Skills: Reaching the First Rung of the Career Ladder

Productivity software skills—spreadsheets and word processing—may seem basic, but are still the skills that set workers on the first rung of the career ladder and bring an immediate pay boost over workers who don’t have them. You can see the impact of these skills in...

Top 10 ‘Soft Skills’ That Boost a Sales Career

Burning Glass Technologies research shows that those who possess so-called soft skills are more likely to rake in more hard cash. But a couple things are not so clear: What exactly are soft skills? And which ones are most needed in particular careers – such as sales...

Adding a Single Skill Can Boost Mid-Career Salaries

Though we’ve pointed out previously that adding skills can deliver a good return on investment for students, it’s worth noting that the same is true for mid-career workers–those already in the workforce. In fact, adding a skill can make a tremendous difference...

How Can We Scale Up Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are one of the rare bipartisan ideas in workforce policy—so why are there so few of them? Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta said the current apprenticeship programs are too small at a White House conference. “[Only] 0.3 percent of the workforce...

Knowing the Customer: How CRM Skills Have Come to Define Careers

The days of the sales order book and Rolodex are over, and one of the fastest-growing areas for digital skills in the job market is Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the catch-all term for a range of software packages that track sales and fundraising contacts....

Who Are the Apprentices in the U.S.?

There is a lot of opportunity to expand apprenticeships in the U.S., but right now apprentices are limited to a relatively few occupations, and relatively few openings. There is bipartisan support for investing more in apprenticeship programs, but before we expand...

U.S. Has Potential to Triple Apprenticeships, Researchers from Harvard Business School and Burning Glass Technologies Find

The number of occupations commonly using apprenticeships could potentially be tripled, and the number of actual apprentices expanded eightfold, according to new research from Harvard Business School’s Managing the Future of Work Project and labor market analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Jobs Become Very Real

Augmented reality and virtual reality jobs are becoming very real forces in the job market. In the first nine months of 2017 there have already been roughly 10,000 postings requesting AR/VR job skills in the U.S. That’s a relative increase of 256% compared to 2010....

Robot Maintenance: Fastest-Growing Robotics Skill in Manufacturing

Much has been written about how automation has become entrenched in manufacturing, but one telling statistic is this: job market demand is already shifting from building robots to maintaining them. Over the last five years, we have seen rapid growth and maturation in...

The Top 10 Computer Science Skills that Boost non-Computer Science Careers

What do design, marketing, engineering, and data analysis have in common? They’re all careers where employers increasingly demand computer science skills. Roughly two-thirds of the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in these fields now demand computer science...

Employers Increasingly Demand Computer Science Skills in Non-Tech Jobs

Roughly two-thirds of the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in fields like design and marketing now demand computer science skills, according to a new report from labor market analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies and Oracle Academy.

Track the Cybersecurity Job Market with Cyberseek

The cybersecurity job market is still straining to find enough trained workers, and the Cyberseek™ job site now offers new data to help workers and employers fill the gap. Cyberseek is a free workforce and career resource developed jointly by CompTIA, the leading...

Certifications vs Certificates: What’s the Difference?

A lot of people are confused about the difference between certifications vs certificates, but when it comes to value in the job market, one qualification has a clear edge with employers. If you’re one of the people who have trouble telling the credentials apart,...

The Top 5 Certifications Employers Demand in the Job Market

One of the big conclusions of our new research on certifications is that relatively few have traction in the job market—but what about the ones that do? What are the top five certifications in demand? Overall, as reported in The Narrow Ladder: The Value of...
Blockchain skill, blockchain job postings

Job Postings for Blockchain Skills Double Over 2016

Job openings requesting blockchain skills have more than doubled as more companies build the new system into financial technology.

Degree Inflation in Job Market Hurts Both Workers and Employers

Degree inflation in the job market is not only closing off opportunities for workers but also costing employers money, according to a new Harvard Business School study using Burning Glass Technologies data. In the job market, degree inflation means requiring a college...
Competitive intelligence: real-time labor market information

Need competitive intelligence? Check hiring patterns

While real-time labor market information is useful for many things, one of the less utilized is competitive intelligence. A company’s hiring says a lot about what it does – and about its plans. If you’re going to sell a subsidiary, launch a new line of business or if...
Pay day

Want To Earn More Money? Become a Manager

We all want to earn more money in our careers. But how do you get there? If you’ve got the skills to become a manager the prospects are good, because management jobs are leading the recovery. In fact, they’re even outpacing STEM positions. The numbers gathered...
Apply Now: Burning Glass Talent™, the first workforce planning solution using real-time labor data.

Burning Glass Talent™ Mines the Data Employers Need to Match Hiring With Strategy

Burning Glass Technologies announces the release of Burning Glass Talent™, the first workforce planning solution using real-time labor data, empowering companies to make data-driven decisions in a dynamic labor market.
HR Tech 2017: Welcome to Las Vegas

See Burning Glass Technologies Solutions at HR Tech 2017

We’ll be showing off the latest Burning Glass Technologies solutions for human capital management at the HR Tech 2017 Conference this week—including how Cisco Systems is using our real-time labor data to make talent decisions. We will be sharing the stage when Cisco...
Soft Skills

The Top 10 Soft Skills for a Human Resources Career

“Soft skills” and human resources naturally go together. The entire job is about dealing with people: their problems, their pay and benefits, their chances for advancement. And, not least of all, hiring the right people. But soft or baseline skills can be a fuzzy...
Learning a new skill? Nesta Skills Map of Great Britain

Thinking about Learning a New Skill? The Nesta Skills Map Can Help

Every worker in the U.K. has probably thought about learning a new skill to improve their chances in the job market. The tricky part is deciding which skill to learn. What are employers asking for? Which skills are growing the fastest in terms of employer demand and...
Automation skills in finance jobs: Demand small but growing

Demand for Automation Skills in Finance Jobs Small But Growing Fast

Even Wall Street bankers are worried about what automation will mean for their jobs. So when our CEO, Matt Sigelman, was invited to speak on a panel at the ABS East conference, we thought we’d take a look at what was really happening with artificial intelligence...
Middle-skill jobs that demand digital skills are less vulnerable to automation

Demand for Digital Skills Increases in Middle-Skill Job Market

Eight in ten middle-skill job postings now demand digital skills, a four-point increase over the last two years, according to new research conducted by Burning Glass Technologies for Capital One.

Same Job Title, Different Skills: Why All Jobs Are Local

While many people think a specific job title means the work will essentially be the same no matter where it’s located, that’s often not the case. Jobs with similar titles may require dramatically different skills in different parts of the country. Take, for example,...
Mobile App Developer Growth July 2017 via Burning Glass Technologies

Finding Mobile App Developers In Emerging Markets

Companies hiring mobile app developers are battling for candidates in the traditional tech grounds of San Francisco/San Jose, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, paying premium salaries to attract talent. However, analysis by Burning Glass Technologies shows that the...
Writing on laptop

Writing Skills Matter Even for Numbers-Crunching Big Data Jobs

It may seem counter-intuitive, but our research shows big data jobs – data science – are more likely to demand creativity, teamwork, research and, yes, writing skills, than other jobs. The reason there’s a business case for becoming “well rounded” is that big data...
Avoid Workforce Restructuring with Skills Gap Analysis

Three Outcomes Human Resource Leaders Can Provide the CEO to Avoid Workforce Restructuring

To avoid workforce restructuring costs and efforts, strategic HR leaders implement actionable strategies with measured outcomes.

The Secret of College ROI: Focus on Skills That Pay Off

Students, parents, and educators alike are all looking for the best college ROI (return on investment). The secret to a big education return is the same as with any other investment: buy low, sell high. In other words, the money you put into acquiring skills should be...

Labor Insight Case Study: Missouri Economic Research Information Center

MERIC was eager to find a high-quality data source that would allow Missourians to act more nimbly, making timely decisions that lead to faster re-employment and a stronger match between industry needs and the state’s workforce training capacity.

Labor Insight Case Study: University of Maryland Baltimore County

Where to Locate a Graduate Program? UMBC was considering whether its Master’s in Professional Studies in Geographical Information Systems would be stronger if it was moved to the Baltimore campus.

In Light of Labor Day: Five Trends in the Job Market

This Labor Day, we thought it would be a good idea to step back and look at a few long-term trends that are reshaping the labor market. These are all job market trends workers should watch in a changing economy. 1) Skill sets are blending across industries More and...

Labor Insight Case Study: Northeastern University

Where Should the University Invest in New Program Growth? Northeastern University leaders saw an opportunity to grow its student base and impact by expanding the university’s reach beyond its Boston campus.

Labor Insight Case Study: Lone Star College

Using real-time job market data to find the match between local employer needs and skills training, Lone Star College overhauled its approach to program and curricula decisions.
Plan For Talent Loss

If Talent is Ready to Flee, then Maybe it’s Time to Plan

Every company says they worry about attracting and keeping talent—but based on a new MIT/Sloan Management Review survey, maybe they aren’t worrying enough.
Burning Glass Digital Marketing Research Brief

Demand for Digital Marketing Skills Doubles

Four in 10 marketing job openings now call for digital marketing skills, and the number of postings calling for digital skills has nearly doubled.
Developing skills

The Top Three Baseline Skills Every Employer Wants

If employers had to pick the top three baseline or "soft" skills for their workers, which ones would they choose?
Competitive intelligence: mechanical engineers at Tesla vs GM

Do you have the computer skills talent base to compete?

American manufacturers are now posting more jobs for software developers and engineers than production workers, the major indication of the disruptive shift in the market. What else can we learn?
Burning Glass Digital Marketing Research Brief

Manufacturing Shift: Software Jobs Now Outpace Production Openings

American manufacturers now post more jobs for software developers than production workers.
Data center, server farm

Which IT Skills are Going to be Hottest?

Data-driven research into IT job postings indicate the most in-demand skills over the next two years revolve around the Internet of Things.
Vote for my proposal: SXSW and SXSWedu 2018

Vote for Our Proposals at SXSW and SXSWedu 2018

How can human beings keep up in an increasingly automated economy? Find out by voting for our panels at SXSW and SXSWedu 2018.
Employers and employees talent shape together

Shifting skills in manufacturing demands proactive talent shaping

Together, employees and companies can succeed in situations where technology and software are changing the traditional manufacturing model.

How to Guide Workforce Transition Efforts in Advanced Manufacturing

The transition to advanced manufacturing isn’t just about upgrading technology; it’s about upgrading people.
Shaping talent traditional vs new companies

Can watching start-ups tell the future of how to shape talent?

Hiring patterns change when an industry experiences disruption, and traditional companies face an uphill battle when competing with next-generation start-ups.
Workforce Analystics is critical for Talent Development

Workforce Analytics: The world is bigger than your HRIS

Workforce analytics traditionally concentrates on internal employee information, but external job market data provides the GPS view to where your organization needs to go. Here's why.
Jobs Data Shows Amazon Smart Home Install Markets

Geo targeted jobs data show Amazon’s next smart home installation markets

Halfway through 2017, it’s time for Amazon to expand the smart home installation service. According to jobs data found within the Burning Glass Technologies’ software product line, Amazon has published job postings in future markets.
Burning Glass Data Science and Analytics Insights

Data Science and Analytics Skills Demand Increasing Across All Sectors

The demand for DSA skills is projected to grow by 15% over the next five years, which translates to nearly 364,000 new job postings expected nationally by 2020.
Middle-skill jobs that demand digital skills are less vulnerable to automation

New Report Shows Higher Demand for Technology Skills in Massachusetts than in U.S. Overall

Nearly one in four jobs (23 percent) in Massachusetts involve computer science skills – significantly higher than the national average of less than 18 percent, according to a new study by Burning Glass Technologies and Achieve.

Amazon Alexa’s success proves the online retail company has mastered the device space

Amazon is setting record levels with the Alexa product line coming out of their Prime day sale (Geekwire, July 11, 2017). Developing devices is a big pivot for the online retail company. Today, Amazon is the 7th largest advertiser of jobs looking for interaction design skills.

Symplicity and Burning Glass Technologies Form Strategic Partnership

For Symplicity higher education clients who add Burning Glass services, the partnership delivers comprehensive, real-time data about labor market demands and career trends.
Developing skills

Disruptive Skills: Identifying Job Skills that Shake Up Industries

In a new research report, Burning Glass Technologies developed a matrix for identifying disruptive skills and getting ahead of them in the hiring market.
ASU GSV Summit: Cracking the Genome of the Job Market

Video: Cracking the Genome of the Job Market

The best way to understand the job market is to realize it’s not about jobs at all—it’s about skills. CEO Matt Sigelman gave the Burning Glass Technologies view of the labor market at the recent ASU + GSV Summit.
Data science jobs: spreadsheet

Infographic: Data Science Jobs, by the Numbers

Big Data is having a huge impact on the economy, with the data science job market projected to hit 2.7 million positions by 2020.

Are E-Commerce Jobs Replacing Retail Jobs?

Are e-commerce jobs replacing retail jobs? E-commerce postings are surging, but they are still only a small number of job postings.

Program Insight™ Gives Higher Education Ability to Check Learning Against the Job Market

Burning Glass Technologies announced the general release of Program Insight™, a new real-time labor data tool for learning providers.

Join Burning Glass Technologies at ASU + GSV

Burning Glass Technologies will be at the annual ASU-GSV Summit in Salt Lake City, bringing new analysis to bear on the crucial problem of linking education more closely with the job market.
Petoskey News

Campus Management Partners with Burning Glass Technologies to Deliver Actionable Job Market Analytics to Higher Ed

Campus Management Corp. and Burning Glass Technologies announced their partnership to deliver job market analytics that empower educators and students.
See you at SXSWedu

SXSW Events: Finding Solutions to the Skills Gap

The skills gap poses many challenges to the American economy and the educational system. But there are also lots of potential solutions, and Burning Glass Technologies will be talking about some of them at SXSWedu next week.
Apply Now image

The Keys to Success in an Internship

If there's only one point you take away from our internship research, it should be this: the key to success in an internship is having the right job skills.
Salesforce skills are in demand

Will Your Next Job Require Salesforce Skills?

Salesforce skills are in high demand, and Burning Glass analysis shows that Salesforce is now the seventh most requested software skill in job postings
State of American Internships 2016

The Essential Skill Sets for Interns

Employers expect interns to be ready to work on day one. Here are the essential skills interns need to have for internships ranging from marketing to IT.
Burning Glass job data is being used by the Greater London Authority

Burning Glass Data Powers Labor Portals in London, New South Wales

Burning Glass data is behind new data portals run by the Greater London Authority and the New South Wales Department of Industry.
Economics papers using Burning Glass data

Four Papers at Economics Conference Cite Burning Glass Data

Economists increasingly turn to real-time jobs data for research. At the 2017 American Economic Association conference, four papers cited Burning Glass data
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Real-Time Jobs Data, Real-Time Labor Market information

FAQ on Real-Time Jobs Data

Based on big data analysis of job postings, real-time labor market information provides insight that is both faster and more granular than other sources.
Administration, business, and student related enrollment services sign on campus.

Burning Glass Solution Allows Colleges to Validate Demand for New Programs Against Reality of Job Market

Burning Glass Technologies launches Program Insight™, a ground-breaking tool that allows educators to match up programs with the realities of the job market.
Cyberseek lock

Cyberseek: A Map to Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Gap maps out where the cybersecurity jobs are--and career pathways that show the skills workers need to get hired.

Cloud Security Leads List of Top 10 Hard-to-Find Tech Skills

Cloud security is now the most difficult information technology skill for employers to find in the job market, according to a new analysis of the top 10 hardest-to-find technology skills by Burning Glass Technologies.
Burning Glass Digital Marketing Research Brief

Top 10 Hard-to-Find Tech Skills

In the technology world, cloud computing and cybersecurity are both hot topics—so it’s no surprise that Cloud Security is the most difficult information technology skill for employers to find in the labor market.

Thank You: Our Panel Accepted for SXSWedu 2017

Our panel, “Scaling the boot camp model for middle class jobs,” has been accepted for SXSWedu 2017. Thanks for your support, and see you in Austin!
Burning Glass Digital Marketing Research Brief

How to Double Job Openings for Biology Majors and Psychology Degrees

A new Burning Glass research brief finds that with a few ex­tra skill sets, psychology and biology majors can double the entry level job openings available, and earn a salary premium of $20,000 or more.

Heating Up: The Sweltering Demand for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Workers

Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration are all things that everyone takes for granted, until they’re not working. The same might be said for the supply of technicians who keep those systems running, according to a new report prepared by Burning Glass for the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation.

Fewer Finance Jobs, but More Lawyers: Is This the UK’s Post-Brexit Future?

UK job postings show the financial sector bracing for a post-Brexit world: finance jobs are down, but postings for legal professionals are up.
Program Insight: Validate Academic Program Planning

Half of Supervisors Now Need a College Degree: Are You Getting Better Service?

A lot of employers prefer a college degree when it comes to front-line management jobs. And this trend may be both closing off opportunities for workers to advance and starving employers of talent.
Administration, business, and student related enrollment services sign on campus.

Is EQUIP the Future of Accreditation?

Burning Glass is part of a new federal pilot project that may change how skills are taught—and perhaps also how schools themselves are graded.

Even Hedgehog Caretakers Need Digital Skills

Our job is keeping track of other people’s jobs, so when we saw the story in today’s Wall Street Journal about “hedgehog officers” in the UK, we had to go to our Labour Insight™ database and look it up. And it turns out that hedgehog protection can be a surprisingly high-tech field.
job application on cell phone

No College Degree? You Can Still Start a Career in IT

A bachelor’s degree isn’t the only way into the world of technology. If you’re thinking about a technology career, there are other common opportunities to enter the IT workforce.
Vote for my PanelPicker idea | SXSWedu

Put the Skills Gap on the SXSW Agenda: Vote for our Panel

Burning Glass and our partners would like your help in proposing a panel at SWSWedu to examine a promising strategy to close the skills gap: short-term “boot camp” training programs.

Getting Specific on Skills: New Occupational Profiles Designed to Help Close Skills Gaps

The skills gap is usually talked about in broad terms. But employers need to find specific skills needed in particular jobs, even when there’s no accepted standard for how that job should be described. The National Network took a step to solving that problem today with its new set of occupational profiles, developed with Burning Glass.
Group of teenagers sitting outdoors using their mobile phones

Mobile App Developers: The Model of the Modern Job Market?

One of the strongest trends Burning Glass has seen in the labor market recently has been the rise of the hybrid job: positions that mix-and-match skill sets from different fields. A great example is the Mobile App Developer, someone who works on developing the apps that drive smartphones.
BBWorld Education Exchange

Hope to See You at BbWorld16

Be sure and check out our sessions at BbWorld 2016 for the most up-to-date ideas on how real-time labor data can be used in career guidance and education planning.
Burning Glass data powers job portals in Greater London, New South Wales

Five Careers Where Coding Skills Will Help You Get Ahead

There’s a big difference between using a computer and being able to program one. And in the modern workplace, more and more jobs are demanding actual coding—actually writing instructions for the computer instead of doing preformatted tasks. Here are five careers where employers are asking for coding skills.
Monitor screen in radiology.

Code This Software, STAT: Programming Skills in Medicine

Doctors on the average TV medical drama spend a lot of time with technology, but you never see anyone actually programming the technology. That may not make for great television, but would certainly reflect the real state of computer science skills in modern medicine.
Bachelor's garb

Congratulations, You’ve Got a Diploma: Now Start Building Your Skills

The last thing most graduates have on their minds is learning a new skill—and yet for many that’s the best route to locking down a job, both in the short term and throughout their career.
Chart: The Demand for Coding Skills Rises With Income Levels

The Bigger the Salary, the More Likely You’ll Need to Learn Coding

The ability to write computer code, as opposed to doing preformatted tasks, is linked to higher-level work—and to higher levels of income.
Cyberseek lock

Shorthanded on the Cyber Barricades: Why the DNC Trump Files Hack Won’t be the Last

The news that the DNC was broken into by Russian hackers may prompt calls for tougher cybersecurity measures—but it doesn’t change the basic fact that there simply isn’t enough cybersecurity talent to go around.

Specific Skills Make Liberal Arts Graduates More Marketable

We’ve had a lot of interest in our liberal arts research following today’s story in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and CEO Matthew Sigelman’s oped for Inside Higher Ed. Our research has consistently shown that employers value the “soft skills” that a liberal arts education provides, but that they also need specific technical skills. So […]

OK, You’re Creative: Five Skill Sets You’ll Need in the Job Market

A lot of people think of creativity as an end in itself. Unfortunately for starving artists everywhere, employers don’t.

Australian Report Shows the Global Challenge of ‘Soft Skills’

A new Australian study using Burning Glass data provides more evidence of a worldwide shift in the nature of work—and reinforces the value of soft or baseline skills in the job market.

How to Get a Cybersecurity Job in Three Charts: a Degree, a Certification, and a Clearance

People often ask about what qualifications they need to break into a fast-growing field like cybersecurity. The knowledge needed is highly technical, and of course there are no guarantees. But if you look at the job postings, there are three kinds of qualifications that significantly improve a jobseeker’s chances.

Video: Are New Credentials Replacing the College Degree?

There are a lot of new certifications, credentials, and other assessments vying for a role in the education marketplace. But can any of them replace the traditional college degree? Should they? CEO Matt Sigelman and others discuss the prospects at the ASU-GSV Summit.

Video: Hybrid Education for Hybrid Jobs

How should higher education respond to the growth of hybrid jobs? CEO Matt Sigelman looked at the challenge--and some promising solutions--during last month's ASU-GSV Summit.

Pittsburgh: A Potential Laboratory for a New Job Market

If you want a glimpse of the challenges facing the American workforce—and some of the potential solutions—Pittsburgh is a good place to start.

Why the STEM Gap is Bigger Than You Think

It’s when we consider specific skills, not just jobs, that the true scale of the challenge becomes apparent. A whole range of STEM skills—from statistics to software development—have become essential for jobs that never would have been considered STEM positions. Yet, at least as our education system is currently structured, students often only acquire these skills within a STEM track.

Watch Global STEM Talent Summit Live

Burning Glass is one of the companies participating at the Global STEM Summit today in Washington, D.C., bringing together major employers and thought leaders to discuss the challenge of filling the millions of STEM jobs expected to open up in the next decade.

Don’t Forget the Spreadsheet: Picking Up Job Skills That Pay Off in the Labor Market

At one level, education is all about acquiring skills. Not every skill has a tangible benefit in the job market—but you might be surprised at some of the skills that pay off.

Changing Job Skills: Faster Than a Speeding Diploma?

One of the key themes at the ASU-GSV Summit is change in education—but what’s striking is how much this is driven by the fast pace of change in the job market.

Why Should Students Learn to Code? Opportunity

We live in a digital world. Someone’s got to build it. And for students who learn to write computer code, the opportunities are significant—and not necessarily in the areas you would expect.

Is a College Degree the Price of Entry to Silicon Valley?

Employers prefer college graduates when hiring software developers—and if anything the preference is stronger in the tech industry.

The Top 10 Soft Skills Employers Look for Most

“Soft skills,” as the name implies, are an inherently fuzzy concept. It’s clear that employers need them and workers who lack them will struggle to find a job or get ahead. But what exactly are they? People skills? Emotional intelligence? Or as one Dilbert cartoon put it, “how to listen to idiots without snorting”?

Help Me Out Here: Does a Help Desk Job Require a College Degree?

Does a job on the help desk really require a bachelor’s degree?

Recommended Reading: “We Need to Re-wire the Labor Market”

There’s a provocative and perceptive piece in Medium today on why so many workers seem stuck in their current jobs even though job openings are at their highest level in 15 years.

Graphic: What’s the Most Important Baseline Skill? It Depends

Baseline or “soft” skill aren’t all of equal value to all employers. The soft skills employers need varies depending on the field. Some abilities, like writing, communication skills, and organization, are valued in every occupation, but others vary. The table below shows a ranked list of top baseline skills by career area, highlighting those skills […]

Graphic: The Gap in Baseline Skills

Every employer wants workers with baseline or soft skills, but how difficult are they to find? Since soft skills are inevitably hard to define, one way of finding out if there is a skills gap is to look at how frequently a skill is requested in job postings. It may seem counterintuitive, but when crafting […]

Communication Skills Lead ‘Baseline’ Skills Employers Demand

Writing, communication and organizational skills lead the list of “baseline skills” employers are having difficulty finding, according to “The Human Factor: The Hard Time Employers Have Finding Soft Skills,” a new study of job postings by Burning Glass Technologies.

See You at the Close-It Summit

The Close-It Summit is the premier event for those trying to use new technologies to close the skills gap in the American workforce. Burning Glass will be participating in multiple events at and around Close-It this week in Washington, D.C.

Graduation Alliance and Burning Glass to Transform Career Exploration and Education Planning Market

Graduation Alliance and Burning Glass Technologies today announced their partnership to power online career exploration and education planning for middle and high school students across the country through the application of real-time labor market analytics. I

Grading the College Scorecard: Needs Improvement

The new federal College Scorecard is a step forward for transparency in higher education, but as a career tool, it needs a lot of improvement.

Infographic: The Geography of Cybersecurity Jobs, 2015

In the latest edition of our annual report on the cybersecurity job market, we found that surging demand was making these jobs hard to fill and giving qualified workers a significant salary premium over other IT jobs. Just as interesting, however, is where these cybersecurity jobs are located, which you’ll see in the interactive map […]

Demand for Cybersecurity Workers Outstripping Supply

American employers have realized the vital importance of cybersecurity and are hiring workers to catch up. However, as employers scramble to build their cybersecurity workforce, a worker shortage is emerging that may require long-term solutions, according to a new labor market analysis by Burning Glass Technologies.

Have Tech and Marketing Skills? Here’s Where the (Hybrid) Jobs Are

The combination of programming skills with design, data analysis, and marketing may be the killer app for job hunters—but where should job seekers be looking?

“Blurring Lines” Report Outlines Growing Demand for Workers Who Can Combine Business, Tech Skill Sets

In a world defined by the computer and mobile screens that surround us, there’s hot demand for workers who can shape how people interact with technology. This is creating a new category of “hybrid jobs” that combine programming skills along with abilities in design, data analysis and marketing, according to a new report, “Blurring Lines: How Business and Technology Skills Are Merging to Create High Opportunity Hybrid Jobs."
Providence Equity

Burning Glass Announces Major Investment from Providence Equity

Burning Glass Technologies, the leading provider of high-impact job market analytics that empower employers, workers, and educators to make data-driven decisions, announced a major investment today from Providence Equity Partners that will drive a new phase of growth for the company.

Show Us Your Badges: Digital Credentials and the Job Market

Today’s must-read story on the job market is from Fast Company, which takes a look at corporations leaping into the field of digital credentials or “badges.” There’s a lot to be said for this idea, which attacks two problems. One is that employers need a more precise way of determining whether potential hires have the […]

Burning Glass and How to Beat the Bots

One of the biggest challenges facing the world economy is a broken labor market—but at Burning Glass we are convinced there are also data-driven solutions. So is New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (author of “The World is Flat”), who took on this problem in today’s column. In fact, he cites our “Moving the Goalposts” […]

NetworkWorld: This Is a Great Time to Start a Career in Cybersecurity

This is a great time to consider a new career as a cybersecurity professional. According to CIO magazine, experts in cybersecurity are among the most sought-after professionals in the tech sector, with demand for workers in that field outpacing other IT jobs by a wide margin.

Press Release: Burning Glass’s Lens/XRay® Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with PeopleSoft HCM 9.2.

Burning Glass Technologies, a Gold level member of Oracle® PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of Lens/XRay® with Oracle PeopleSoft HCM 9.2. This integration allows PeopleSoft customers to seamlessly integrate with Burning Glass’s best in class global resume parsing solution.

Press Release: Wisconsin DWD Enters into Agreement with Burning Glass Technologies, Begins Work on Cutting-Edge Labor Market Information System

Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Reggie Newson today announced that DWD has entered into an agreement with Burning Glass Technologies to develop a state-of-the-art labor market information system (LMIS) to connect job seekers with available job openings.