There’s a big difference between using a computer and being able to program one. And in the modern workplace, more and more jobs are demanding coding—actually writing instructions for the computer instead of doing preformatted tasks.

A Burning Glass Technologies study of job postings for Oracle Academy found that seven million job openings in 2015 were in occupations which value coding skills. This corresponds to 20% of “career track” jobs, defined as positions that pay a national living wage of at least $15 per hour.

Even more importantly, many of these jobs are in fields that wouldn’t normally be considered technical. More than half of job openings for set designers, for example, call for 3D modeling software such as AutoCAD, the same tools used to design an iPhone or a new car.

Here are Five Careers Where Employers are Asking for Coding Skills:

For these programming jobs, employers are looking for those that are actively learning computer science, working towards their degree in computer science.

Data Analysis

Big data is transforming the business world, and it has reshaped the expectations for roles like business analysts, financial analysts, and data analysts. Data Analysts use computer programming to analyze data and solve problems in business and finance. Common coding tasks include estimating how much money a company will earn or determining how many of a particular item a store should put on the shelves.

Coding skills required: Data Management (Excel including Visual Basic and Macros); Database & Business Intelligence (SQL, Oracle); Data Science (Hadoop, NoSQL Data, SAS, R)

Average advertised salary: $79,000

Arts and Design

Designers use digital tools to create websites and design the physical products we buy. The roles include graphic designers, web designers, and UI/UX designers (also a good example of a “hybrid job” that combines different skill sets, in this case programming, design, and human factors engineering).

Coding skills required: Design Software (Photoshop, AutoCAD); Web Development (Javascript, HTML5)

Average advertised salary: $78,000


Engineers, including mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and engineering technicians, use programming to design and test new products and conduct research on how to solve practical technology problems.

Coding skills required: Engineering Design (Computer Aided Design); Computer Aided Manufacturing (Programmable Logic Controllers, Computer Numerical Control machines) ; General Programming Languages (C++, Java)

Average advertised salary: $74,000


Scientists use computer programming to analyze the results of their experiments and create simulations of real world events. The specific roles would include chemists, environmental scientists, and medical researchers.

Coding skills required: Statistical Software (SAS, R); Mathematical Computing (Python, C++)

Average advertised salary: $61,000

Information Technology

It’s no surprise that this field would value coding skills, but it may be a surprise that this is so widespread beyond the tech industry. Half of all programming openings are in Finance, Manufacturing, Health Care, and other sectors outside of the technology industry. Computer programmers and IT professionals write software which can be used to create websites, build computer networks, help doctors treat patients, or even drive a car.

Coding skills required: General Programming Languages (Java, C++); Database and Business Intelligence (SQL, Oracle); Web Development (Javascript); Data Science (Hadoop, NoSQL, R)

Average advertised salary: $90,000