Helping your institution improve lead conversion with career outcomes data

Career Insight™ helps institutions improve enrollment yield by leveraging labor market data in program marketing. It presents career outcomes associated with programs of study in an intuitive and personalized user experience. Learner data is aggregated in a embedded web platform for use by marketing managers and admissions counsellors in lead conversion.

Prospective Students Can:

Find potential careers and programs based on their skills and interests
View the career outcomes for each of your programs
Get personalized program recommendations

Institutions can:

Learn about prospective students for more targeted marketing and recruiting
Get resources to help move prospects from initial interest to enrollment
Build interest in programs by connecting them with prospects’ career interests


Boost enrollments by helping prospective students understand career payoffs and skills gained with programs of study. Use better lead data to convert prospective students.

Get data-driven insight from the world's premier job market analytics source.


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