Labor market data at your fingertips to support critical decisions

Labor Insight(™) job market data enables the identification of opportunities for training programs, closer alignment of education and training initiatives with employer demand, and improved site selection and recruiting decisions.

Real-Time Job Market Analysis

Labor Insight™ is used by hundreds of educational institutions, HR departments, and workforce development organizations to support initiatives that align with today’s job market. Use of in-depth, localized labor market data allows educators to increase enrollment and foster student success, workforce agencies to increase visibility into local job market needs, and HR departments to improve talent related decisions.

With Labor Insight, educators, HR departments and workforce agencies can:

Examine the job market at the macro and micro level


Quickly identify and clarify employer needs


See how training programs translate to jobs


Track demand for skills and industry credentials specific to the area


Understand what jobs and skills are hard to fill


Identify emerging roles not yet tracked by public data sources


Target local opportunities for partnership and investment




I believe that Burning Glass Technologies provides unique labor market data to create understanding in today’s fast changing technological and economic conditions. Data is the fuel for economic success at all levels. It allows students, regions, employers and educators to take charge of their learning and make better decisions for adapting to the world that is here and emerging. I’m a big fan.

Phil McCready

PhD Assessment Analyst II, University of the Rockies

Tools like Burning Glass help us tell the story. Everybody, at the highest level, comes to us for that data. It’s so baked into our system now that we don’t even question it. We will always have demand now that we can show what it can do.

Alan Spell

MERIC Research Manager, Missouri Department of Economic Development

Use Cases

Missouri Economic Research Information Center

MERIC needed a way to provide state agencies and job seekers with more timely labor market information. Learn how Labor Insight™ provided them with real-time data to inform decisions statewide.


Northeastern University

Bachelor's garbNortheastern University wanted to find out where to invest in new program growth. Labor Insight’s cutting-edge data enabled them to better vet each growth opportunity.


Lone Star College

Learn how Burning Glass Technologies used real-time job market data through the Labor Insight tool to enable Lone Star College to build better curriculum for their students, resulting in higher quality job opportunities for their graduates.


University of Maryland, Baltimore County

MarylandUMBC was challenged with deciding where to locate a graduate program. Geographical analysis of real-time labor market data through Labor Insight yielded surprising results that influenced how that program ultimately evolved.


Use Cases by Sector


In-depth, localized labor market data increases visibility into local job market needs and deepens employer engagement. With new skills and occupations emerging every day, using Labor Insight can inform workforce and economic planning with accurate, relevant, real-time labor market data. Labor Insight is a comprehensive, web-based research platform that strengthens efforts to:

  • Quickly identify and clarify local employer needs
  • Benchmark industrial strengths against that of other regions
  • Identify labor market gaps
  • Track demand for skills and industry credentials specific to the area
  • Identify new and emerging roles not yet tracked by public data sources
  • Highlight local opportunities for partnership and investment


Increase enrollment and foster student success with insights from our in-depth, localized labor market data. With new skills and occupations emerging every day, Labor Insight supports curriculum development that is informed by accurate, relevant, real-time information. Labor Insight is the comprehensive, web-based research platform within a solutions suite designed for educational institutions:

  • Examine the job market at the macro and micro level
  • Explore career outcomes associated with programs of study
  • Guide curriculum decisions for innovative and specialized training and degree programs
  • Identify local opportunities for partnership and investment

Human Capital Management

Improve workforce planning and talent management decisions with accurate, real-time labor market data. Labor Insight enables Human Capital Management organizations to:

  • Identify hard to fill skills
  • Identify talent shortages to improve site selection
  • Understand where and which employers are hiring for what roles
  • Inform salary targets

Get data-driven insight from the world's premier job market analytics source.


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