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Make strategic, data-driven talent decisions

Human capital management leaders need to make the most of their employees’ hard-won skills—while still staying ahead of the competition. Real-time job market data from Burning Glass Technologies gives HR managers the insight to succeed in key areas:

Workforce planning: Real-time job data allows human capital management leaders to pick up on the latest trends in the job market as they’re happening. Companies can identify new and emerging skills, understand which skills are in short supply—and gain a new source of competitive intelligence by tracking hiring by their competitors.

Talent acquisition: Every company is faced with the choice of “build or buy,” whether it’s easier to hire new talent or develop new skills among existing workers. With Burning Glass data, hiring managers can uncover hidden talent pools and make data-driven decisions on training and acquisition.

Compensation targets: With real-time job data, compensation managers can track advertised salaries for positions, but even more importantly, they can gain a better understanding of which skills are hard to find. Managers can make informed decisions about what they’ll have to offer to get the talent the company needs.

Human capital management solutions for corporations from Burning Glass Technologies

Labor Market Analytics Warehouse

Labor Market Analytics Warehouse: Our leading technology collects, mines and codes millions of job postings from more than 40,000 online sources daily.

We create a standardized, structured database language (i.e., taxonomy) to support quick access analytics from our data warehouse.

Our proprietary taxonomy and unrivaled system processes standardize and curate detailed skills, experience, and credential data that is continually changing and varies by local region.

API protocols to access our database and system processes are also available as a subscription sale with the following use cases: education and workforce, student and job seeker, employer.

Build, develop, and retain the talent pool required to execute strategic plans.

Using our proprietary skills taxonomy created directly from market information, you can understand skills gaps in the current workforce, provide training opportunities for those gaps, uncover feeder and adjacent jobs to cover gaps, find hidden talent pools, and maximize the acquisition process to find the right candidate quickly.

Burning Glass APIs

Incorporate labor market data in your decision making to jump ahead of the competition.


Real-time job opening data, structured and faceted for easy integration and analysis.


The world’s most accurate parsing, searching, and matching technology for human capital management.

Labor Insight

Use labor market data to support critical decisions in human capital management.

Get data-driven insight from the world's premier job market analytics source.


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