Preparing students for success includes preparing them for the job market. Our products help educators track demand, build and align programs with what employers need, and give students a roadmap to a satisfying career.

Create a Road Map to Success

Learning institutions have a powerful and direct impact on students’ career success when partnering with Burning Glass Technologies. Our real-time labor market data, career outcomes insights, and breakthrough planning tools help you create programs and engage students.

By using Burning Glass Technologies’ superior expertise, organizations will engage students with impactful curriculum, increase student completion, achieve higher placement rates, and help students learn and master the exact skills they need to successfully enter the job market.

Labor Market Analytics Warehouse

Our leading technology collects, mines and codes millions of job postings from more than 40,000 online sources daily.

We create a standardized, structured database language (i.e., taxonomy) to support quick access analytics from our data warehouse.

Our proprietary taxonomy and unrivaled system processes standardize and curate detailed skills, experience, and credential data that is continually changing and varies by local region.

API protocols to access our database and system processes are also available as a subscription sale with the following use cases: education and workforce, student and job seeker, employer.

We help you deliver meaningful curricula that enhance students’ employability, giving you essential information that helps build innovative, cutting edge programs.

On point learning will increase the school’s reputation and rankings, outpacing the competition while increasing revenues through high enrollment and graduation rates.

Our solutions track local demand for skills and industry credentials, recognize new and emerging roles not yet tracked by public or lesser data sources, help you quickly identify and understand local employer activity, and assist you when engaging with employers as you research market needs. As you work with students, we help you uncover the exact skills, certifications, or credentials needed for a pre-selected job set and show possible gaps between the two sides.

Labor Insight

Labor Insight provides the most accurate, in-depth portrayal of current and future job market needs, allowing you to dive deep into data analysis and identify new opportunities for program development.

Program Insight academic planning tool with real-time job market data

Program Insight

Program Insight enables you to make data-driven program decisions quickly, from validating a decision on new programs to assessing the contents of an existing one.

Career Insight: real-time job data for prospective students, enrollment marketing

Career Insight

Career Insight helps institutions improve enrollment yield by leveraging labor market data in program marketing.

Get data-driven insight from the world's premier job market analytics source.


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    Burning Glass Technologies is an analytics software company that has cracked the genetic code of an ever-changing labor market. Powered by the world’s largest and most sophisticated database of jobs and talent, we deliver real-time data and breakthrough planning tools that inform careers, define academic programs, and shape workforces.