Labor Market APIs that seamlessly integrate superior information and data processes

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Burning Glass Technologies partners with software vendors to seamlessly integrate labor market APIs that make the developer’s platform smarter, allowing your customers to make smart decisions.

In the Human Capital Management space, companies developing applicant tracking, learning management, workforce planning, strategy & optimization, competency, workforce analytics, onboarding, performance management and related products will improve their overall return on investment by working with us.

In the Education Technology space, companies providing systems to enhance program development, student services, career development, learning guides, and more will provide insights to students, professors, and administration to make decisions that will improve careers.

Improve your system’s ability to meet the increasing demands of your users by bringing Burning Glass Technologies into your overall software and information services plan.

Delivering Superior White Label Products and API Solutions

Working with us enables you to use real-time labor market API data and superior system processes to give your customer what they need.

Using proprietary technology to more accurately process millions of inputs, our standardized data and curated indices add an unmatched degree of usefulness and accuracy to the talent acquisition, career development, and labor market analysis workflows. Burning Glass APIs include an occupation taxonomy, a skills taxonomy, career paths, skills trending, a recommendation engine, and more.

Labor Market APIs from Burning Glass Technologies enable discovery of similarities and relationships between concepts described within the labor market. It helps companies engage with the labor market, optimizing their understanding of the labor market, and improving the ability to build a better workforce.

Our Labor Market Analytics Warehouse

Our leading technology collects, mines and codes millions of job postings from close to 40,000 online sources daily.

We create a standardized, structured database language (i.e., taxonomy) to support quick access analytics from our data warehouse.

Our proprietary taxonomy and unrivaled system processes standardize and curate detailed skills, experience, and credential data that is continually changing and varies by local region.

Labor Market APIs accesses our database and system processes to maximize your software benefits. Our APIs are available as a subscription sale with the following use cases: education and workforce, student and job seeker, employer.

Burning Glass APIs: HR Tech

Build the following use cases with our labor market APIs:

Profile Builder

Provide a place to build a skills profile by showing skills in rank order (both specialized and baseline skills) that define jobs in the labor market (by occupation or by industry). Enable the build by uploading the resume, which will parse giving options of other skills related but not listed on the resume.

Career Path

Allow customers to have and create more dynamic and relevant job descriptions coupled with skill adjacencies to create dynamic career pathways.

Competitive and Market Insights

Analyze competitors and market trends, identify emerging and disruptive skills in the market

Company Skills Genome

Provide the enterprise insight into the skill profile in their organization, how this compares against other companies and how to build enterprise wide L&D strategies. For the worker this is the basis for career mobility.

Jobs Feed

Connect to over 40,000 sources of jobs information to target the specific segment(s) of the industry that best provides your customers what they need.

Search and Match

Use skills-level insights to standardize data inputs from job descriptions and resumes to find matches quickly and seamlessly.

Burning Glass APIs: Education Tech

Build the following use cases with our labor market APIs:

Student Recruitment

Highlight the value of your degree and certificate programs to recruit prospective students by providing how curriculum matches local job market needs.

Student Affairs and Retention

Provide learning and career advice to retain current students by using job market insights to highlight what they need to be successful, including booster skills needed to increase potential salary and starter jobs to begin their career.

Program and Curriculum Management

Give insights to administration that identify new degree and certificate program opportunities while highlighting current programs that need to improved or sunset.

Market Insights

Analyze local, regional, and national market trends, identify emerging and disruptive skills in the market.

Get data-driven insight from the world's premier job market analytics source.


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