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Skills gap

Skills Gap: Different Skills, Different Gaps

In new research on the U.S. skills gap, we found demand for workers exceeded supply by a total of 4.4 million openings across 12 different career areas.
Saving the Liberal Arts | Saving the Associates of Arts Degree

Saving the Associates of Arts Degree | Saving the Liberal Arts

In two reports in partnership with AEI, Burning Glass Technologies identifies specific, practical ways liberal arts graduates, both at the bachelor's of arts and associates of arts degree level, can increase both their job opportunities and their pay.

Rebooting Jobs

Even in jobs that aren’t traditional computing jobs, employers are seeking computer science skills from applicants.


Apprenticeships have bipartisan support as a promising alternative to bring young people into the workforce, but they are still only a tiny fraction of total job openings in the United States.
Certifications, professional certificate


Our research finds the impact of certifications is potent but narrow in the job market, with employer demand confined to a handful of certifications. In fact, the top 50 certifications account for two-thirds of all requests in job postings.

Digital Skills Gap

In the middle-skill job market, the world is increasingly divided between the jobs that demand digital skills and the ones that don’t—and the ones that don’t are falling behind.
Data science: tablet showing a spreadsheet

Quant Crunch

Data Science and Analytics are no longer just buzzwords--they are essential business tools. We found the demand for these skills is growing rapidly, and that the demand is having a particularly strong impact in decision-making roles.
Internships 2016

Internships 2016

In our third annual examination of the job market for interns, we find the trends we have identified in the past intensifying, which means the challenges for prospective interns are increasing.
Burning Glass data powers job portals in Greater London, New South Wales

Coding Skills

We live in a digital world. Our phones, our cars, our banks, and our hospitals – nearly every aspect of our lives – depend on computer code. As a result, coding, or computer programming, is becoming a core skill requirement for many well-paying jobs.

Baseline Skills | Soft Skills

Foundational or “soft” skills occupy an unusual position in the debate over America’s workforce. Employers say these skills are both crucial and hard to find. But it has also been notoriously difficult to define what these skills are.
Cyberseek lock

Cybersecurity 2015

American employers have realized the vital importance of cybersecurity—but that realization has created a near-term shortage of workers that may require long-term solutions.

Hybrid Jobs

With technology driving the everyday lives of most Americans, a new kind of hybrid job blending technology with marketing is gaining in the market.

Software Is Everywhere

Burning Glass Technologies’ report Software is Everywhere: Growth in Software Jobs shows how jobs for software developers have not only increased 31% from 2007 to 2012.

STEM Jobs | STEM Careers

Here, we take a look at entry-level STEM job postings in 2013 and provide analysis of the skills gap in this key sector. Our research reveals that the demand for STEM talent is significantly greater than commonly reported.

Production Skills Gap

Each month prior to the release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ jobs report, Burning Glass will publish real-time data and analysis about the employment landscape in the United States. These are not just raw numbers.

Liberal Arts

Burning Glass analyzed millions of online job postings from the past 12 months and found that by coupling technical skills with a liberal arts education can nearly double the jobs available to graduates and offer an average salary premium of $6,000.

Credentials Gap

An increasing number of job seekers face being shut out of middle-skill, middle-class occupations by employers’ rising demand for a bachelor’s degree.

Middle Skills

The decline of middle-skill jobs is hurting both U.S. competitiveness and the middle class—and business should take the lead in turning that around, according to a new report from Accenture, Burning Glass Technologies, and Harvard Business School.

Health Informatics | Healthcare Informatics

Health care reform depends on the better management of medical information—“health informatics”—yet the labor market is not keeping up with the demand for workers with these skills.

Internships 2015

In our third annual examination of the job market for interns, we find the trends we have identified in the past intensifying—which means the challenges for prospective interns are increasing.